MODIMOROM Cons S.R.L. is a company established entirely with Romanian capital, with a team of more than 15 years of experience in the field.

Our main activity object is building foundations, semi-wet screeds, industrial flooring and other services related to preparing and building floorings.

These works are performed observing the technical requirements imposed by the valid standards and legislation (ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004).


In 2008 we ranked fourth place in the category “Young entrepreneurs” according to the classification made by the C.N.I.M.P.M.M.R.

As of 2009 we have been a certified applier of SIKA Romania, with annual re-certifications.

In 2012 we ranked first place in the national classification made by C.N.I.M.P.M.M.R., in the category „Global performance” in our field of activity.

In 2012 we ranked third place in the national classification made by C.N.I.M.P.M.M.R., in the category “Productivity”, in our field of activity.


During the past 2 years of activity we have exceeded the turnover of Euros 3,600,000, only from floorings.

From the very beginning, MODIMOROM Cons has become very well-known on the industrial floorings market inRomania through the quality of the works performed, due to a team of professionals, and also to the importance we give every detail of our work; the most important aspect of each project is that the beneficiary obtains the final product he desires.

The works performed speak about MODIMOROM Cons themselves. Seriousness, quality and attention given to the smallest detail are necessary for things well built, being a combination of characteristics we apply to each stage of our work and which certainly leads to long lasting results, without any compromise.

The interest of our company for the observance of the commitments made through the contracts is obvious from the care our employees have been selected and trained with, in order to ensure the quality and the performance rhythm of our works.

The modern facilities and the experienced specialists in the field, their competence and the seriousness, the quality of the services performed, all contributed to the fame of our company in the field of floorings.

Company Strategy and Objectives

We will keep on being the followers of the highest ethics and integrity standards by providing higher quality to the works we perform in maximum safety conditions (according to the valid legal stipulations) and according to the environmental protection principles.

One of the objectives of our company for the following period is to keep up with the permanent expansion of the market in the field of floorings, in the related fields and in those of the new technologies which have appeared.

MODIMOROM Cons SRL Company performs large projects to which it contributes through the technical experience of its specialists, to efficiently coordinate the performance processes and to deliver the works observing the contracted delivery terms.

The quality of the works performed, the observance of the delivery terms, the qualifications and the training of the technical and operational personnel meet the most exigent demands of the beneficiaries, recommending MODIMOROM Cons SRL as one of the most competitive companies on the market.


Our range of products:

MODIMOROM Cons SRL performs the following works in the field of the industrial floorings:

  • simple or quartz finished industrial floorings of monolithic pour concrete,
  • self-levelling or rolling industrial floorings with polyurethane epoxy resins;
  • non-skid boards;
  • stamped concrete ;
  • floorings maintenance and  reconditioning;
  • 3 to 10 cm concrete overlays (a special concrete formula with resistance to large overloads is used);
  • Hydro-insulations with liquid membranes

Equipment and abilities

We have modern and up-to-date equipment that provides a high level of productivity and quality, and the materials used (fluids for concrete, quartz, sealants, metallic fibers reinforcements) ensure an end product with a special flatness and resistance.

The necessary materials will be chosen according to the destination and the characteristics of the flooring (interior or exterior floorings), and the dosages will be calculated so that to achieve a quality/price ratio as good as possible.

The floorings are reinforced with steel fiber or welded net, in-depth vibrated or levelled, and their durability is improved with quartz aggregates, metallic aggregates or synthetic aggregates, according to the loads specific for each single flooring, mechanically finished and also protected with sealants.

Our daily pour and finishing capacity is of 2000-2500 m2.



The fundamental mission of the MODIMOROM Cons SRL Company is to make a difference by positively contributing to the life of the community, being a permanent example of professionalism and quality in building floorings.

Our mission is to build high quality floorings for the local and international markets, to take initiatives and make efforts to support our clients and employees, in order to satisfy the interests of the parties involved.



The success of an organization is a reflection of its management. We, MODIMOROM Cons SRL, we are proud to say that we are an organization with a high level of social responsibility. We have made and we will keep on making a difference positively contributing to community life.



The most important legacy of MODIMOROM Cons SRL is the people; our entire personnel, our partners, suppliers, the community; and all these are for the benefit of our clients.

The fundamental values of MODIMOROM Cons SRL are:

  • Respect
  • Devotion
  • Professionalism
  • Quality


Our advantages

You will benefit from the services of a high ranking company with more than 15 years of experience in the field, that of MODIMOROM Cons SRL. You will benefit from state-of-art equipment offered by acknowledged world suppliers. You will save time and resources by resorting to our complementary services.

Your products are made by people…



  • We have strict control over our management processes.
  • We never neglect our contracts.



  • MODIMOROM Cons SRL supports partnerships with leading suppliers in the industry
  • We answer the requirements of the most exigent clients.
  • MODIMOROM Cons SRL is a total company, wanting to provide full services.


Perfectionists that will only allow:

  • Faultless services, no half-ways, no shallowness
  • Dependable projects, based on quality management
  • The best systems and equipment.
  • Long lasting partnerships based on mutual respect.


Open to the new:

  • We use up-to-date and state-of-art techniques, systems and equipment.
  • We want to offer new services to be added to the already existing ones.

Our commitment

 MODIMOROM Cons SRL has set its aim to be the increase of the prestige acquired by the organization as far as its clients are concerned, by offering high quality services. The care for quality is a priority in our entire business. Quality represents an absolute condition aiming at success in business. Our strategy in the field of quality is based on the following directions:

  • Satisfying the requirements of our CLIENTS by realistically approaching the contracting, design, performance and guarantee stages.
  • Permanently improving the efficiency of the Quality Management System and of the achievements of the organization, through periodical analyses and building efficient programs.
  • Applying adjustable and innovating management which aims at establishing stable communication bridges between all department coordinators.
  • Improving the qualitative level of the services provided and of the economic efficiency, by increasing the responsibilities and competencies of the work teams, of the coordination departments and by stimulating personal initiative.


The motivation of the personnel to achieve QUALITY AT FIRST ATTEMPT, EACH TIME!


In order to obtain all these, our General Manager makes sure that all the stipulations from the quality manual translate into facts the established policy in the field of quality and makes sure that all orders and measures referring to quality are observed. The Manager of the Quality Management System is appointed to elaborate and apply this policy, having the authority and responsibility to verify the implementing and continuous improvement stage of the quality management system in MODIMOROM Cons SRL, in accordance with the stipulations of ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004, thus having full support and access to the General Manager.